Festival Of Food – Raising Money For Projects In India

ORIGINALLY Published on: Jun 6, 2010

There are so many ways that we can each choose to make a difference in the lives of others each day.

I have just arrived home from our family church here on the Gold Coast – Metro. During the whole month of June we are celebrating the “Festival of Food”. Each week we are having two different countries battling it out to see which country’s food is the most popular.

Our pastors Kasey and Garry McDonald came up with the idea of the “Festival of Food” to raise awareness and funds to empower others in India. Kasey was all dressed up in traditional Indian dress. A few others also dressed in traditional costume from either Italy or India.

Today we had three master chefs Robbie and Anthony Quatro for team Italy and Derek F. Smith for team India each showing off their culinary expertise with yummy main meals and desserts. The meals are only $5 each and all funds raised are going to projects that Metro supports in India.

Over the coming weeks we will talk more about these projects in India and the impact that they are having for good in the lives of many children and young people and then by extension in the lives of many more throughout India!

Below you will see some photos from this special event.
Festival of Food June 6th 2010

Next week will be Mexican vs Indonesian food. So be sure to come back and see the follow up…

In the mean time, think about what you can do in your own life to touch, empower and bless others and to make a difference in your world.

Until next time, Remember to Enjoy Life, Smile at a Stranger and Make a Difference in the World! 

Your Friend in Life and in Blessing others, 

Leanne Annett :-) 

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